Martonair Pneumatic Cylinders & Seal Kits

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RM/900 Imperial Bore Air Cylinders - Now Available to Browse & Buy online
The RM/900 range of cylinders is still made in sizes from 1 1/4" to 14" bore. This long established cylinder range is suitable for many general industrial applications. Rugged and reliable, this range has been the workhorse of industry for decades.
These cylinders can usually be produced in a few working days, and we have good stocks of the repair kits available for immediate despatch, please contact us using the Quick Response Form on the home page.
Earlier pre-fixes of ths range included S/900, SM/900 and M/900.

Imperial Bore Seal Kits (online UK Delivery only) or click the individual kit below

1 1/4" Bore Sizes - Common pre-fixes RM/9125, M/9125, SM/9125, S/9125    Seal Kit QM/9125/00
1 3/4" Bore Sizes - Common pre-fixes RM/9175, M/9175,SM/9175, S/9175     Seal Kit QM/9175/00
2"        Bore Sizes - Common pre-fixes RM/920, M/920, SM/920, S/920             Seal Kit QM/920/00
2 1/2" Bore Sizes - Common pre-fixes RM/925, M/925, SM/925, S/925             Seal Kit QM/925/00
3"        Bore Sizes - Common pre-fixes RM/930, M/930, SM/930, S/930             Seal Kit QM/930/00
4"        Bore Sizes - Common pre-fixes RM/940, M/940, SM/940, S/940             Seal Kit QM/940/00
5"        Bore Sizes - Common pre-fixes RM/950, M/950, SM/950, S/950             Seal Kit QM/950/00
6"        Bore Sizes - Common pre-fixes RM/960, M/960, SM/960, S/960             Seal Kit QM/960/00
8"        Bore Sizes - Common pre-fixes RM/980, M/980, SM/980, S/980             Seal Kit QM/980/00
10"      Bore Sizes - Common pre fixes RM/9100, M/9100, SM/9100, S/9100    Seal Kit QM/9100/00
12"      Bore Sizes - Common pre-fixes RM/9120, M/9120, SM/9120, S/9120    Seal Kit QM/9120/00
14"      Bore Sizes - Common pre-fixes RM/9140, M/9140, SM/9140, S/9140    Seal Kit QM/9140/00

M/1000 Heavy Duty Imperial Bore Air Cylinders & Seal Kits

The M/1000 range of extra heavy duty cylinders are incredibly robust, suitable for the most arduous of conditions. These cylinders are still made today, and the common bore sizes are as follows:

Please CONTACT US for quotations on cylinders & seal kits, use the form on the home page for the quickest reply.
M/1020 - 2" Bore with 1" diameter piston rod                    M/1025 - 2 1/2" Bore with 1" diameter piston rod
M/1026 - 2 1/2" Bore with 1 1/4" diameter piston rod      M/1030 - 3" Bore with 1" diameter piston rod
M/1031 - 3" Bore with 1 1/4" diameter piston rod             M/1040 - 4" Bore with 1 1/4" diameter piston rod
M/1041 - 4" Bore with 1 1/2" diameter piston rod             M/1050 - 5" Bore with 1 1/4" diameter piston rod
M/1051 - 5" Bore with 1 3/4" diameter piston rod             M/1060 - 6" Bore with 1 3/4" diameter piston rod
M/1061 - 6" Bore with 2 1/4" diameter piston rod             M/1080 - 8" Bore with 1 3/4" diameter piston rod
M/1081 - 8" Bore with 2 1/4" diameter piston rod             M/1101 - 10" Bore with 3" diameter piston rod
M/1121 - 12" Bore with 3" diameter piston rod

M/6000 "Midget" Cylinders - Metric Bore Size

The M/6000 range of cylinders are quite compact for their given space envelope, and are still available for purchase today. They were commonly known when they were designed in the 1970's and 1980's as "midget" cylinders, which perhaps is a slightly questionable name in today's politically correct world!

Some of the more common sizes are shown below, please contact us for a quotation or help with any sizes not shown.
The quickest way to get in touch is to use the Quick Response Form on the home page.

M/6010 - 10mm Bore Versions - M/6010/15, M/6010/20, M/6010/25, M/6010/50
M/6016 - 16mm Bore Versions - M/6016/15, M/6016/20, M/6016/25, M/6016/50, M/6016/75
M/6020 - 20mm Bore Versions - M/6020/10, M/6020/15, M/6020/20. M/6020/25, M/6020/50, M/6020/75
M/6025 - 25mm Bore Versions - M/6025/10, M/6025/15, M/6025/20, M/6025/25, M/6025/40, M/6025/50, M/6025/75
                                                           M/6025/100, M/6025/125, M/6025/150, M/6025/200

M/1525 M/1540 Fixed Range Positioner Cylinders & Service Kits

This range of fixed range positioner cylinders are robust and reliable, with high positioning speeds, where the stroke length is proportional to the input pressure. These units are available in the following sizes:

M/1525/75      - 2 1/2" Bore, 75mm Stroke Length          Service Kit QM/1525/00
M/1525/125    - 2 1/2" Bore, 125mm Stroke Length      
M/1525/200    - 2 1/2" Bore, 200mm Stroke Length

M/1540/200    - 4" Bore, 200mm Stroke Length             Service Kit QM/1540/00

M/3000 Impact Cylinders & Service Kits

This range of impact cylinders offer an extremely high energy output, and are ideally suited to a wide range of piercing, marking, and light press-work applications. Rugged, corrosion proof design, the sizes available are as follows:

M/3020M      - 2" Diameter Bore Size (Updated version of M/3020)    Service Kit QM/3020/00
M/3030M      - 3" Diameter Bore Size (Updated version of M/3030)    Service Kit QM/3030/00
M/3040M      - 4" Diameter Bore Size (Updated version of M/3040)    Service Kit QM/3040/00
M/3060         - 6" Diameter Bore Size (Original design)                         Service Kit QM/3060/00

Other Martonair Cylinder Ranges & Seal Kits

Please contact us for assistance with the following older ranges, we still have limited cylinder stocks, seal kits and could offer a refurbishment service.
Use the Quick Response Form on the home page to send us your requirements
Martonair M/544 cylinders
Martonair M/545 cylinders
Martonair M/546 cylinders
Martonair M/547 cylinders
Martonair M/4250 cylinders
Martonair M/548 cylinders
Martonair M/4175 cylinders
Martonair M/549 cylinders
Martonair M/4125 cylinders
Martonair M/1930 & Martonair S/1930 cylinders
Martonair M/1940 & Martonair S/1940 cylinders
Martonair M/1950 & Martonair S/1950 cylinders
Martonair M/1960 & Martonair S/1960 cylinders
Martonair M/1980 & Martonair S/1980 cylinders
Martonair M/19100 & Martonair S/19100 cylinders
Martonair M/19120 & Martonair S/19120 cylinders