Martonair Valves

Over the past half century, Martonair have produced dozens of ranges of electrical solenoid valves, mechanical valves, manual valves and general pneumatic accessories.

We would recommend you contact us using the Quick Response Form on our home page, and our experienced sales team can inform you whether your range is still available, or what we could offer as a replacement.

Shown below are some of the more recent ranges Martonair have produced over the years, most of which are still available or have relatively straight forward replacements.

Some of the more common valves are available to buy online through our brand new outlet - Aircat Express. Clicking the images will take you through to the website showing special discounted prices, availability and more information.

S/1340 Heavy Duty Valves             M/1761 M/1762 M/1764            S/836   M/837   M/839                S/666 S/667 Range
                                                            Solenoid Valve Range          Heavy Duty Flow Restrictors           Mech & Manual

M/1702 M/1704 Lever Valves      M/21 Sensitive Valves     Super X Solenoid Valves         M/1701 M/1702 M/1704 Pilot Valves

Older Martonair Valves

Listed below are some of the older valves, but please don't despair, should your valve prove to be obsolete,we can usually offer an alternative from an up to date range to get your machine up and running as soon as possible. Our techincal library dates back to the 1950's, so we can confidently offer a suitable product.

Martonair S/564/3 Pilot Valve                           Martonair M/805/107 Rotary Plate Valve
Martonair S/564/123 Solenoid Valve              Martonair M/805/187 Rotary Plate Valve
Martonair S/562/63 Pilot Valve                         Martonair M/805/387 Rotary Plate Valve
Martonair S/564/63 Pilot Valve                         Martonair PS/560/1 Push Button Valve
Martonair S/564/172 Solenoid Valve              Martonair S/560/3 Pilot Valve
Martonair S/562/687 Lever Valve                     Martonair S/560/8 Roller Lever Valve
Martonair S/564/687 Lever Valve                     Martonair S/560/14 Plunger Valve
Martonair S/565/3 Pilot Valve                            Martonair S/441/3 Pilot Valve
Martonair S/565/122 Solenoid Valve               Martonair S/441/8 Roller Valve
Martonair S/565/122 Solenoid Valve               Martonair S/441/172 Solenoid Valve
Martonair S/565/123 Solenoid Valve               Martonair S/442/3 Pilot Valve
Martonair S/565/40 Solenoid Valve                 Martonair S/442/40 Pilot Valve
Martonair S/563/87 Lever Valve                       Martonair S/442/122 Solenoid Valve
Martonair S/565/87 Lever Valve                       Martonair S/560/48 One Way Trip Valve
Martonair S/565/687 Lever Valve                     Martonair S/1340/8 Roller Valve
Martonair S/565/623 Solenoid Valve               Martonair S/1340/14 Plunger Valve
Martonair S/565/6123 Solenoid Valve             Martonair S/534/8 Roller Valve
Martonair PS/666/1 Button Valve                      Martonair S/534/40 Pilot Valve
Martonair S/666/6 Lever Valve                          Martonair S/728 Martonair M/728
Martonair S/666/7 Lever Valve                          Martonair S/738 Martonair M/738
Martonair S/666/8 Roller Valve                         Martonair M/1328 Martonair M/1338
Martonair S/666/14 Plunger Valve                   Martonair S/700/3 Pilot Valve
Martonair S/666/40 Pilot Valve                         Martonair S/700/40 Pilot Valve
Martonair S/666/48 One Way Trip                   Martonair S/700/122 Solenoid Valve
Martonair S/666/49 Key Valve                          Martonair S/700/123 Solenoid Valve
Martonair S/520 S/521 S/522 S/523 S/524   Martonair M/1339 Pressure Switch
Martonair04015600 Pressure Switch           Martonair M/1430 Time Delay Valve
Martonair S/510 S/511 S/513 S/514 QEV       Martonair S/7002 S/7004 Isolators
Martonair M/1701/3 Pilot Valve                         Martonair M/1764/123 Solenoid Valve
Martonair M/1702/3 Pilot Valve                         Martonair M/1764/152 Solenoid Valve
Martonair M/1704/3 Pilot Valve                         Martonair M/1764/6123 Solenoid Valve
Martonair M/1761/123 Solenoid Valve           
Martonair M/1761/152 Solenoid Valve
Martonair M/1761/6123 Solenoid Valve
Martonair M/1762/123 Solenoid Valve
Martonair M/1762/152 Solenoid Valve
Martonair M/1762/6123 Solenoid Valve

If you can't see the valve you have or require any assistance, please contact us, we are ALWAYS happy to help!
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